Meet Vince & Allison

Vince and Allison founded Intentional Marriage after serving 26 years in the local church and non-profit sector. In 2015 they started the transition to devote their lives to serving couples in ministry. Vince and Allison began ministry in South Carolina and in 1995 they went to Atlanta and founded Essential2Life, a ministry working with youth in the inner city. In 2010 they also founded Medici Project, which helps millennials discover the beauty of serving others. Vince is a native of Florida and received his education and training through Lee University and Florida Southern College. Allison is a South Carolina native and graduated from Lee University with a degree in Early Education. Vince and Allison live in Atlanta and have three adult children, Brooks, Mickey and Madison.

Who are IM Retreats for?

You can experience a life-changing retreat for you and your spouse

What Others Are Saying

I am forever grateful to Vince and Allison and Intentional Marriage for pouring oil in our wounds and for wrapping their love around our brokenness.
— Senior Pastor | GA
For the past several months, I’ve struggled with ministry and finding enjoyment in what we are called to do. It felt at times, like I would suffocate. The last 5 days have breathed life into me. This time away from the noise has allowed me to hear the voice of God so clearly. I’m leaving here with clear direction and once again, I can take a deep breath.
— Pastor's Wife | SC
I’ve been to many conferences and retreats, but this was different. Vince and Allison are anointed to create an atmosphere that makes it easy to hear from God. It was as if order, peace and clarity all came to rule in our hearts, and minds. This was a much needed life-changing encounter. It has reminded me that I serve an intentional God and that He hears me when I pray!
— Senior Pastor | GA